Sunday 14 June 2009

Swarovski bicone bead to be replaced with Xillion Bead

Swarovski are to replace their ever popular and customer favourite bicone bead with the new and improved Xillion bead.
From June 2nd through September 2009 CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements will transition to the brilliant XILION upgrade of the 5301 Bead, represented by the new and improved article:
5328 XILION Bead.

The revolutionary XILION cut, with its alternating large and small facets, results in distinctively higher brilliance and particularly intense light reflection. In addition, this cut is differentiated from all other products on the market and copyright protected. The increased number of facets enhances the overall appearance of the bead and the rounder belt line result in improved wearing comfort of the finished design. You will benefit from the unique XILION brilliance, leading to clearer differentiation between your products and designs and those of your competitors.

The fascinating XILION cut will be applied to all standard sizes of the bicone bead except for 2.5 mm, which is too small to be upgraded. As was the case for all other XILION products, the article number will also be changed and will now become art. 5328.

The new article will be available – without any additional price increase – in the same assortment as the existing article 5301. For application, the 5301 and 5328 XILION Bead can be combined as their dimensions and geometry are complimentary.

From June 2nd through September there will be a transition period. During that time art. 5328 can only be ordered and will only be shipped, if the counterpart 5301 is out of stock.