Thursday 1 September 2011

How to Make Photo Jewellery

Turn your memories into beautiful jewellery. Upcycle gorgeous invitations, photos, brochures, old newspapers, vintage prints or damaged dresses into wearable art. Take your favourite photo or other attractive paper or fabric, cut it out, glue it in a lovely bezel and seal it with a glossy glaze resin or glass cabochon to create lasting, very special jewellery. The possibilities are endless, so we'll try to make it easier for yor with step by step guides and some ideas to help you start.

The simplest starting point would probably be to use our Pendant Settings with our Domed Glass Cabochons. As you can see from the bracelet on the left we have used the 16mm base pendant settings as photo charms on a large link charm bracelet .

All you really need here is our Hypo Cement Glue to first glue the photo to the pendant setting then once set apply a thin even coating of the glue to the surface of the photo, please be aware that the glue will set very quickly so you will need to put the cabochon in place as soon as you have applied it. Once the cabochon is in place you will need to apply some pressure for about 30 seconds to remove any air bubbles. Hypo cement will dry crystal clear enhancing your photo/image.
TIP - We marked around the edge of the glass cabochon on the photo to get the correct shape and size and cut along it.

Another great option is to use the Pendant settings with 'Glossy Accents™' instead of the glass cabochons. This fantastic product will allow you to let your imagination run wild!
Glossy Accents™ is a clear, three-dimensional gloss medium, which you can use to accent, brighten, dimensionalise and magnify your altered art and photo charm jewellery projects. Place Glossy Accents™ under embellishments to make them stick and on top to protect and glossify! Dries to a hard transparent finish, and also works as a glue.
If you want to give your jewellery more vintage look then try Crackle Accents™.

We used Glossy Accents in the pendant setting above. We first applied a small amount into the pendant setting and glued the butterfly image into it, then we placed in a couple of Steampunk Watch parts with words cut out from a newspaper and then simply poured in the Glossy Accents - being careful not to let it spill over the edge and then let it set for a couple of hours - the results were amazing.
TIP - sandwich any photos/picture or newspaper clippings in clear sellotape when using with Glossy Accents to prevent the colours from bleeding. Also, using double sided sticky tape we stuck the newspaper clipping to a peices of thin card and cut to size. This added some depth to the clippings making them stand out more.

The butterfly picture we used in the pendant was supplied to us by Paperstreet Supplies who carry a large supply of printable images for use in altered art photo charms, bottle cap pendants, scrabble tile charms, domino pendants and more. With instant downloads you can start your mixed media or altered art jewellery project immediately! Collage sheets are available as a high resolution JPEG files types. Download links are activated upon payment review on their website (usually just seconds and very reasonable). Click the image banner to the left to be taken to their fantasic site.

Leaf Mounting Bails are a fantastic way of creating your own unique pendants out of almost anything.

Heres a quick tutorial to give you and idea on the Leaf mounting bails uses.

Materials needed: Super Epoxy Glue, Hypo Cement, 1x1" Glass Cabochon , 1×1" Image, piece of paper backing, Leaf Mounting Bail , Wide Clear Sellotape and scissors.

Step 1: Sandwich the 1x1" image in the clear sellotape and cut off the excess around the edges.This is to prevent the ink from bleeding.

Step 2: Apply Hypo Cement to the back of the glass Cabochon. Once the Cabochon is covered flip it over and place it on the image and press down firmly. Don’t worry about the glue coming out of the edges.
Let the Cabochon set and dry
Step 3: Cut the excess paper away from the glass tile and clean any glue stuck to the sides off. It comes off pretty easy
Step 4: Flip the tile over and apply a thin layer of Hypo Cement to the back of the tile. Have your backing ready (placed upside down)Step 5: Once you have the tile covered, flip it over and place it on the backing and allow this to dry. Again, don’t worry about the glaze coming out the sides.
Step 6: Once this is dry (about 15-20 minutes) you can cut away the backing to the size of the tile. Cut tight to the glass and make nice clean cuts.Step 7: Turn the tile over so the backing is facing up. Get your bail and glue ready
Step 8: Put a small dab of Super Epoxy on the inside of the silver bail and glue it onto the backing at the top of the pendant. Let that dry. At this point I usually allow the pieces to dry over night.
This is the finished product. Hang them from leather or a chain and enjoy!! Although they are very study they are not waterproof. To keep them looking lovely do not shower, bath or swim with your pendant on.

Another great range of products for making photo jewellery is the Ranger Memory Glass and Frames.
Create a personalised window of art by placing a piece of Memory Glass on top of your work/photo or sandwich between two pieces. Use a Memory Frame to hold the pendant together or use Memory Foil Tape instead - here you would need to use a Leaf Mounting Bail to make this into a pendant

Layer your work to create the illusion of depth. Start with a background and add layers, distressing the edges with ink to create a shadow look aroung the image of text you are layering.
Try linking together the Memory Frame 1" Squares to create a fantastic bracelet....The one above was created using wedding photos to make it into a cherished keepsake immortalising those great memories.

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