Tuesday 11 June 2013

Beadalon Stringing Wire

Beadalon, in the USA are, undoubtedly, the leading manufacturer of flexible bead stringing wire.  Beadalon manufacture their own wire, strand and cable for stringing and have done for the past 30 years, with a factory operating 24 hours a day.

The new wire products, produced in-house, include the first Kink-free titanium wire, silver plated and 24 carat gold wire.  These come in addition to the metallic and satin coloured wires that Beadalon are renowned for.

7 Strand Beadalon Gold 30ft

Beadalon have the largest range of colours, wire flexibities, spool lengths and diameters.

In 2009 Beadalon acquired Artistic Wire for wires that are permanently coloured.  These include coloured copper wire, non-tarnish brass, non-tarnish silver and non-tarnished silver plated for jewellery and crafts.  The two products complement each other well and are manufactured easily side by side.

How is a Beadalon wire different?

A Beadalon stringing wire is composed of many tiny wires twisted together and nylon coated.  The flexibility of the wire depends on the number of strands used, ie a larger number of strands equals greater flexibility.  There are three sizes, 49 strand, 19 strand and 7 strand, 49 strand being the more flexible.  Beadalon recommends that if you are new to stringing, a 19 strand is ideal.

Design Tips for Beadalon Wire

Use the largest diameter wire that will fit through the smallest bead hole.  Too small a diameter, then you risk abrasion of the wire.  The wire should be comfortably snug.

Increase bead spacing –  this will help reduce abrasion.  Bead bumpers are small squishable beads that can be used at either end or within the pattern, giving a tight look whilst giving the beads more space.

Choose a wire with the appropriate breaking strength dependent on size and weight of the beads.  Beadalon 49 is the most flexible wire, therefore ideal for jewellery that will go through a lot of wear and tear ie bracelets.

Choose the right type of flexibility for your particular design and how you want it to look.

Beadalon Big Eye Beading Needles
Use wire guardians to reduce abrasion at the clasps.

Occasionally, Crafters may feel that their beading wire is stretching.  In these cases the wire is not stretching but gradually untwisting.  This could be a result of using a wire that is too small in diameter or stringing the beads together too tightly.  Use Scrimp findings for maximum strength and bead bumpers in between crystals and glass beads to maximise protection.

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