Friday 20 September 2013

Preciosa Crystal Beads & Jewellery Making

Preciosa crystal colour of the year - Emerald

Preciosa Crystal Beads & Jewellery Making

 Another jewel in the Czech crown is the perfectly cut Preciosa crystal.  Generations of crystal cutters have devoted themselves to producing a unique stone of quality, respected throughout the international market.

Preciosa Czech Crystal Bicone Beads

The brand was officially registered in Bohemia in 1915, although history tells us that the glassmaking in the Jablonec region goes back to the 14th century.  In the 18th century the art of crystal cutting and polishing were brought to North Bohemia by the Fisher Brothers.  Soon after the first factory specialising in the manufacturing and export of Bohemian chandeliers was established, many of which were sent to Royal Courts.  World War II halted production, but in 1945 seven crystal factories and 18 small firms around the Jablonec region merged, forming the Preciosa company, which was officially established in 1948.  Since then, the Preciosa company has grown and developed, now encompassing Preciosa Inc, Preciosa Chandeliers, Preciosa Figurines Ltd and Preciosa Ornela Inc.

Preciosa Czech Crystal Bicone Bead, Sapphire

To reach perfection, Preciosa use only the most High-Tech machinery and genuine, pure Czech Crystal sourced in an ecological way, meeting all environmental standards. When you buy a Preciosa product you can be assured that it comes from the heart of Bohemia and cut in such a way it will not lose its’ shape or brilliance.

Preciosa Czech Crystal Bicone Bead, Amethyst

The Preciosa Fashion Jewellery Stones come in 43 colours, some traditional, but many designed by Preciosa themselves, unique to them as a supplier, reflecting the latest seasonal trends.  These colours catch the light perfectly and truly enhance the sheer quality of these beads.  In fact, their glass bead range has such a high reputation, that Preciosa  are classed as the leading producer of glass seed beads (rocailles).

Preciosa beads can be applied by gluing, clay modelling, sewing, beading, stringing, wiring, knotting, knitting and crocheting.

International Craft give the crafter an opportunity to purchase the Bicone Preciosa Czech Crystal Beads.  Bicone is a three dimensional shaped bead (think of two cones back to back), in a variety of colours and shades.  The beads come in three sizes, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.
Preciosa Czech Crystal Bicone Bead, Jet

To view all the Preciosa Czech Crystal Bicone beads at International Craft, CLICK HERE

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