Tuesday 5 November 2013

What Colours Can we Expect for Summer 2014?

Spring/Summer 2014 Palette
Preciosa Pantone

Preciosa are bursting into next Summer with a combination of bright and intense colours created from nature. These colours highlight the season beautifully, symbolising life and energy.
The colours are separated into four different palettes, demonstrating the moods and visuals of the Summer season.
The Trip Time palette features Citrine from Preciosa or Buttercup from Pantone, a cheerful yellow “bursting forth like a field of buttercups on a warm, sunny day.” The Crystal Bermuda Blue and Blue Aster are colours symbolic of travel plans as “the blue energy of this wildflower underlines the
Trip Time Palette
optimistic outlook of this colour palette”. Amethyst Preciosa and Magenta Purple Pantone is a vibrant shade, “intense, yet playful” symbolising new adventures.
To feel fresh and alive, why not go for the Green Turmaline Preciosa, Bright Green Pantone? “Leave your worries behind and set out on your journey.”
Preciosa 4mm Czech Crystal Bead at International Craft

Flux palette – New beginnings, new buds bursting into life, fresh renewal, life giving. Burgundy, violets, blues and a bright green depict the new life emerging after a barren Winter. The Aquamarine and Placid Blue reflect the warm, sun filled skies that fill the long days of Summer, Violet and Orchid Bouquet for the full Summer beauty and the heady lavender.
Flux Palette
Light Burgundy and Cashmere Rose for the feminine pinkish-white blooms and the Peridot AB and Green Glow bright green for the lush grass and moss.

Turned on its Head – Bright and bold, definitely colours you can get away with in the Summer!
Turned on its Head Palette

Light Siam and Grenadine, a rich yet calming red, the Rose and Pink Carnation, a shade of pink “demands a spontaneous, if somewhat provocative, vivacity to your outlook and actions.” Fuchsia and Pink Flambe, an explosion of colour to challenge your senses.
Preciosa 4mm Czech Crystal Bicone Bead, Rose

Finally, Harmonic Oscillation, depicting the smooth transition of day turning to night and night to day with gentle pinks and blues of the Summer skies.
Blue Zircon and Billiard, a vibrant turquoise for a beautiful morning or tropical waters, Crystal Blue Flare or Blueprint for when the middle of the night is not quite dark, a strong and deep colour. Crystal Apricot and Rust for the gentle colour in-between when the skies are changing.
Harmonic Oscillation Palette
Preciosa 4mm Czech Crystal Blue Zircon

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